Swiss Aviation Art 

Bertrand Presset

Lithography: MIRAGE III RS (SQ 10)
Dimensions: L 103 x H 43 cm / L 41 x H 17 inches

Lithography: HUNTER F MK 58/58A (SQ 2)
Dimensions: L 98 x H 43 cm / L 38 x H 17 inches

Squadron stickers (24)
Lithography poster, self-adhesive, removable, diameter appr. 8 cm / 3 inches each
Dimensions: H 90 x L 60 cm / H 35 x L 27 inches

The Paintings

According to original airplane dimensions,
painted in airbrush technique in several
hundreds of hours of work.

Limited edition: 500 pieces, signed by the artist, high quality lithographies

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Bertrand Presset CH-2035 Corcelles